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Hi Mark! Looking through your discography we can notice that your tracks were released in many different labels. Why is it that way or maybe you are assigned to one particular label?
To be honest I haven't released a lot of different records on many different labels. I have released on Spinnin Records for the last 2 years, so 90% of my recent records were released on Reset Records (part of Spinnin) and also Night Vision. In the past, 2008 up to 2010 I had quite a few releases/remixes on Armada, Flashover, Coldharbour, Anjunabeats, Lange, High Contrast, Detox and some other different labels, but over the last 2 years I've been with Spinnin.

You are frequently called a tech-trance maestro but I think that you like milder sounds as well. Do you sometimes listen to e.g. Roger Shah?
Roger Shah is a really good musician, plays great role in the trance world but that's really not my kind of music. I like much more techy, energetic, powerful music and a lot more driving stuff.

Talking about milder sounds, your remix of "Sun In Your Eyes" for Above and Beyond definitely is not tech-trance style. Can we say that in the course of time you have become more docile or maybe the other way round?
For me this is one of Above & Beyond's best tracks. When I first heard that track it totally blew me away. I loved it and I wanted to do my own club version of it. Obviously this track is an Above and Beyond album track, there were no drums or loops, it's not very danceable...it's hard to describe but generally it's an epic soundscape so I wanted to do my own mixable version of it. For me it's still tech-trance. Maybe it's not as hard as some of the tech-trance I've made in the past but for me it's still tech-trance. I think it's still my sound and maybe a little bit more mellow' but still tech-trance and something that I'm proud of making.

So for you it's still your natural sound and pure tech-trance, not other style.
Yeah, I suppose it's tech-trance from the heart. I honestly can't tell you how much I love this track. The first time I heard it I got major goosebumps, it's a really beautiful track and I was really desperate to make my own mixable version of it to play it in my sets.

Are you able to remix every track or maybe sometimes you reject the request and say: "Sorry but this track is OK the way it is, there's nothing to change or add"?
Well, I rejected a lot of remix requests over the years. It's not a matter of doing a better job but sometimes I can improve a track or remix it with my own different sound. So there were many tracks that I refused to remix because it's not all about the money and remixing all offers that come in. I have to focus on doing a good job, sometimes improving a track or enhancing a groove or mixing something more.

Talking to other artists I often hear that you are all like one big music family. Nevertheless, it's still show business so I wonder how your relations really look like. For example do you have full confidence in each other to the extent that you send your fresh, unpublished projects to hear colleague's opinion?
And that's a difficult question and I'm confused. (smile) Yeah I have a good network of producers/DJ's that I exchange promos with every week. That's how I keep my DJ sets and radio shows very fresh sounding and upfront. As far as the trance family is concerned I get along with all the other DJs and producers. We all exchange tracks and talk about our goals or where we want to be in the next few years etc.

So we can call it a family business (smile)
Yeah, I mean I treat my career very seriously but at the same time I don't think of it that serious because if you get caught up and try to be successful too much you'll end up being unsuccessful. I'm a solo artist, I'm doing what I love and I just want to keep doing what I'm doing. I don't want my music to be extremely popular and commercial or anything like that. I just want to write music and perform playing the music that I've put my heart and soul into.

You are one of those producers who mark their presence in the EDM scene almost all the time by constant production. Do you think that the producer should keep certain continuity of production or maybe sometimes it's better to keep a low profile for some time and then come back with a real smash?
You have to be consistent. The key for the success for DJ or a producer is consistency. You have to release good music on a regular basis. The whole scene moves so fast now... I don't know if you noticed it in Poland but in the UK if you keep a low profile for too long it's even more difficult to come back, you have to stay current and up-to-date. You should always try to release as much good music as you can.

Outburst Radioshow has 6 years already! What would surprise us the most if we compare first broadcast with the last one?
To be honest there was not much of a change.

For 6 years?!
Yes, honestly! In that time though there have been a lot of tech-trance artists who have came and gone, who were producing things and then stopped to never come back. But, to some extent the show is loosely still in the same style as it was 6 years ago, but still fresh sounding. I try to make it versatile but at the same time I always keep it within my tech-trance style. You may disagree with me, I can see in your face that you don't agree... (smile)

Well, to be honest 6 years is a very long time and as we all know trance changes all the time, especially in the recent years. You must agree with me...
Yes, of course, music has to progress but I'm still all about tech-trance. I may have played (and made) a few progressive trance tracks, tried a few different things over the last few years but it will always be all about tech-trance.

What productions you going to shock us with this year?
I've made a new remix of DJ Remy and Roland Klinkenberg "Till Ya Drop" with the 2nd Phase guys from Glasgow, I've also got a new remix of Scot Project "U" which was first released in 1998, I've obviously done my remix of "Sun In Your Eyes" remix, and "Spirits" that I made with 2nd Phase in 2012 as well, plus a brand new track with them called "Venomous". Also in 2013 there will be remixes of "Phantasmic" by Heatbeat, Maarten de Jong, Will Rees & Aimoon... and also remixes of "My Love" by Jamie Walker, Darren Porter, Liquid Vision & Aizen!

Can we ask for a couple of words for your Polish fans and WeLoveTrance.pl readers?
I've been coming to Poland for 7 or 8 years now. I'm not saying this because I'm sitting here with you just now but Polish clubbers are really some of the best in the world. Poland, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Scotland they all REALLY love trance music, are very passionate about it, and most importantly are very open-minded. I always appreciate the fact that I come here every year so I just want to say a massive thanks to everybody in Poland for supporting me over the last few years.

Thank you very much!
Thank you!

Interviewed & translated by Marta Walu



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